Welcome to my personal website.

I am an IT student in eastern Kentucky. I primarily dabble in web development and design. I enjoy playing Minecraft, playing city simulators, designing web pages such as this one, tinkering with small petrol engines, and making music.

I got Discord...

27 September 2022 / 499 10

I have fallen, bros. I still think Discord is AIDS, but all the bros use it so I do be using it now, doe. You can now contact me on Discord, but I'll still be on IRC.

Sup with this blog?

27 September 2022 / 499 10

This part of the site is under construction. I'll make an actual blog in PHP when I feel like doing it.

Sup with DULM?

22 July 2022 / 495 4

Welcome to my new site

21 July 2022 / 495 3